Exports take flight with Cathay

Exports take flight with Cathay
Exports take flight with Cathay.

South Australian fresh produce, seafood and meat will be on its way to Hong Kong today (Sunday) following an agreement with Cathay Pacific to provide a six-week Sunday service as part of the Commonwealth’s $110 million International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM).

Cathay Pacific is the second international airline to provide support to South Australian air freight exporters. This follows Singapore Airlines which commenced direct flights to Singapore on 6 May, initially for six weeks, but extended for a further six weeks.

The collaboration between the Commonwealth through the International Freight Coordinator General, Michael Byrne, South Australian Government and South Australian industry groups and companies, has resulted in South Australian exporters having two direct air routes out of the state supported by IFAM. IFAM was established to assist exporters of valuable perishable products to re-establish their connections to key overseas markets.

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