Bedding down their ecommerce platform

Bedding down their ecommerce platform
Bedding down their ecommerce platform.

MiniJumbuk is an Australian owned company that designs and manufactures high quality wool bedding products. The company has been operating in Naracoorte for over 40 years, and are a leading wool bedding supplier to some of Australia’s top retailers. 

The company’s wholesale export activity over the past five years has been predominately to China. MiniJumbuk’s short-term goals are to grow market share in current international markets and long term to identify new markets.

MiniJumbuk is a recipient of the eCommerce Accelerator Program (eCAP), a program designed to assist small to medium-sized exporters in selling their products or services digitally and globally, by embracing and leveraging eCommerce.

The company intends to use their eCAP funding on an online advertising campaign, aimed at driving traffic to their website with a core focus on ecommerce conversion. This campaign will be conducted over six months, leading into the Northern hemisphere winter.

Success in this project for the company will look like a significant uplift in both website views and conversions from overseas.

For information and support available to South Australian exporters, visit Exporting from South Australia