Hitting the rubber online

Hitting the rubber online
Hitting the rubber online.

Derby Rubber is the world leader in designing and manufacturing ballast regulator broom elements, used in the refreshing or laying of all new ballast bed rail track around the world.

Headquartered in Adelaide, with offices and warehousing in Sydney and the Netherlands, Derby Rubber is committed to growing its international footprint; with plans to embark on a strategic trajectory for growth via new channels.

Part of this includes an update of their website, supported by an online marketing plan to reinforce a tactical integrated launch. This includes improving their brand share of voice and a strategic communication plan that will reach customers offshore, in particular the EU and Indian markets.

The next chapter for Derby Rubber will be to promote the brand and their capabilities using a select group of online channels that can reach global markets.

To assist the company in doing this, Derby Rubber successfully applied to the South Australian Government’s eCommerce Accelerator Program (eCAP) – a program designed to assist small to medium-sized exporters in selling their products or services digitally and globally, by embracing and leveraging eCommerce.

The company will use the funding towards developing a strategic marketing plan, including updating the website to better reflect their international capabilities and R&D expertise, as well as integrating an e-commerce function.

This will include an online strategy for relevant channels including LinkedIn and a robust CRM system, with the objectives to build awareness in international markets, position Derby Rubber as leaders in rubber manufacturing, and enter new global markets.

Their aim is to increase their global brand awareness and to achieve an additional $1.5 million in export sales over the next 12-months.

For information and support available to South Australian exporters, visit Exporting from South Australia